My Approach

maplenikondslrseptember2012My Goal………… to teach people that their own answers to their own healing and fulfilment lie within.

maplenikondslrseptember2012My Role…………… to enable people to recognize, understand and experience the truth of that. To guide people to reconnect with their inner knowing, power and confidence and to look first to themselves and trust that the answers that are best and unique to them are there.

In A Nutshell:

  • We are each ultimately ‘response-able’ for our own health and healing 
  • You are in the drivers seat, believe in yourself and the resource that You already are 
  • Go with the natural healing approach you feel most drawn to at any given time, “all roads lead to Rome” 
  • New fields of science are bridging the gap between ancient healing knowledge and modern science, such as, Quantum Physics, Epigenetics and Energy Psychology. 
  • I work intuitively and draw upon a range of healing modalities and tools to walk beside, enable and teach each person on their healing path.


Fuller Version …..

Ultimately your response-ability for uncovering your own answers, your own healing, lies completely with you. This doesn’t mean that you won’t utilize external resources such as books, tools, people, natural remedies etc but that you will be guided to do so by your own knowing of what resonates for you at any given point in time and you will trust what answers come to you.

You are in the drivers seat Trust that you already have what you need within. Go beyond what you’ve resigned yourself to, to what you didn’t believe was possible for you.

Thankfully, there are so many options available to us now under the natural healing umbrella. I used to struggle with this question for myself…. but which ones work? The answer I came to was…the ones you feel drawn to, the one’s that are coming to your attention perhaps repeatedly, the opportunities which fall into your lap.

When you open yourself and ask for the way forward, signs will become noticeable which point you in a particular direction. I believe “all roads lead to Rome” it doesn’t matter which tools, resources, people you draw upon as long as they feel like a good fit to you at that time. What you are drawn to will likely change overtime as you move forward so stay open to what’s next. Trust your gut!

Exciting new fields of science are bridging the gap between what was once (and still is by many) considered Spiritual mysticism and Science. Science is now catching up and able to test and prove what has been contained within ancient healing knowledge for many civilisations’ throughout human history.

My own journey has brought me into contact with some amazing and very effective healing tools and approaches and some of these you can easily learn during the sessions.