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Our relationships with our mothers, for some of us, can be complicated, painful and unresolved (whether they are alive still or not). Mothers Day can serve as a stark reminder of that reality.

For myself, once I understood that I only needed to focus on changing the way I was in relationship to my mother, recognised what she was reflecting back to me, identified the ways I was triggered by her and neutralised those my relationship with her changed for the better. Even better I didn’t have to wait on her doing any personal work herself, (which she probably wouldn’t have done anyway) because the work I did on addressing my issue’s changed the dynamic for both of us. How good is that? When we get over ourselves and stop expecting the other person to change we have the power to heal the wounds and create the change we seek from within ourselves, not only for us but for them also.

Know that you can heal yourself in regards to your mother relationship and guess what, your mother isn’t needed in order to do it, the Power is with You. I would love to work with you to be at peace with this important relationship in whatever form that takes.

Take a look at one of my clients feedback about the work she did.

“I particularly want to thank you for the work you did with me in respect of my Mum. I have had the most amazing time with her and we are now much closer than we have ever been. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
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Energy Toning Tapping helps your Immune System

This video briefly covers some #research on #EFT and how it assists your immune system (alongwith many other physiological and psychological benefits). The #tapping_points are demonstrated and some suggestions for how you can integrate #energy_toning tapping into daily life to balance your energy and boost your immune system functioning.