My Philosophy

In a Nut Shell:

  • 62 crop webReleasing what you no longer need and creating space for the new to come in is  like putting a jigsaw puzzle of yourself together, knowing yourself more as you go
  • Mental/Emotional or physical pain or discomfort is so often our body and soul communicating to us that an imbalance is present
  • Imbalances manifest last at the physical level and addressing the symptoms only, will likely cause it to keep showing itself more persistently overtime
  • The medical approach has lulled us into thinking the answers are purely physical and are outside of ourselves with professionals, pills and procedures causing us to give our power away
  • Ignoring the source of the problem is to miss the opportunity to heal holistically and gain the learning that was contained within it
  • It is never too late to grow, learn and heal ourselves, our relationships, our lives no matter what the next step in our journey is

A Little More ………….. 

Each piece of yourself that you discover adds to the bigger picture of knowing and understanding yourself more; loving and forgiving yourself and others more; peeling back the layers and releasing what is no longer useful to you.

We each have a choice about how we listen to, care for, nurture and respond to our own health. What do you choose?

All you need…. is to be open to a new way and willing to take the next step, then the one after that and TRUST.