My Story

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I was hitting the wall in a number of key area’s in my life, most evident of which was a long term chronic sleeping problem that had my foot on and off the accelerator of my own life depending on how much sleep I’d had. It totally defined my life, put limitations on what I was capable of, held me back and kept me stuck. Sleep deprivation was constantly undermining my natural optimism and my ‘efforts’ to find fulfilment and pleasure. In addition, disillusioned from working as a Social Worker then in Crime Prevention, I felt I had not yet found my way to help people, which since a child was my passion, and I had a sneaky suspicion that I had more to offer from within me.

I began a process of self discovery and healing.   I knew that I needed to find a different way forward that drew from the knowledge and resources within me and unlocked my own answers to the issues I faced.  I embarked on what has been an incredible journey of growth and healing, where I found I could access my own answers from within. As I peeled back the layers and experienced life changing benefits, including resolving my sleeping problem, I also discovered my purpose and abilities I had for helping others to also help themselves. These things had been previously hidden from me. It took helping myself first, to learn how to truly help others, together with a great deal of trust and stepping into the unknown.

I deeply acknowledge and humbly thank the special people who have helped and encouraged me further along this path and who saw something I barely dared hope was possible for me. They represented steps in my journey along with the many other signs, breakthroughs and insights so far.  I am excited to be able to offer my assistance to others who are also ready to walk their path to true health and wholeness.

Perhaps I am a step in your journey of self healing?

You will know the answer, trust it ……….