See below for a selection of testimonials……


Thank you so much Sarah for your professional approach and guidance in letting me clear some of my past traumas that have been holding me back for so many years. I was suffering from physical issues such as nasty eczema on the hands. This lead into working with emotional issues of guilt and abandonment relating to my trauma of loosing my dad at a young age. My intention for seeing you was to heal from the past and live a life full of love, freedom and abundance. I feel that I am well on my way on this much more enjoyable journey today, thanks to you!

After the EFT work we have completed together, I have gained much more clarity, have had many break throughs and left many of my limiting beliefs in the past. I truly appreciated all your intuitive sessions I have had the joy to experience and thank you for always holding the space when I went through some very dark memory releases. This is very powerful and life changing work you offer and I’m so thankful my dear friend suggested I do this work with you. Thank you so much!



Hi Sarah, thank you so much for our last Reiki session. I wanted to mention to you, how successful our time together was.  As you know I have been suffering from Plantar Fascitis for 5 months and have used the services of a Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist and Oesteopath. All of these therapists have been very helpful, however the pain in my foot lingered.

You then invited me for a Reiki session with you. You made me welcome, warm, very comfortable and wove your healing over my body. You also shared some personal insights that you became aware of which were very appropriate for my current emotional life. After seeing you I felt good, I felt like I could let go of my “stuff” just that little bit more.

The next day was the game changer. No pain in my foot, it was gone, finished, done!!! …..Read More………5 months of excruciating pain was finally over. Wow, walking wasn’t painful anymore, and that, if you’ve ever had pain, is a game changer.

Thanks so much Sarah. You are really wonderful at this healing Art, and I appreciate your care and the kindness that you bring with it. If you don’t mind I would like to further recommend you to anyone who may be seeking healing in any area of their lives. Just wonderful Sarah, thank you.



I am one of Sarah’s clients at Inside Out and she is an amazing healer.  I am grateful for what she’s done to help me to get over my tragedy of loosing my baby boy. I highly recommend her if you are stressed, holding a heavy feeling from the past or now in the present, blaming yourself etc. Any issue’s involving your feelings towards yourself or someone else.



I wasn’t exactly sure what NLP was but Sarah explained everything in a simple way that helped me to understand. I have had maybe four or five sessions and it has really helped me heal some past issue’s like thinking negative to get positive outcomes. I had been applying for jobs and missed out on a few but after the belief changer I received my first job offer in New Zealand and everything started to fall into place.

Our work together also helped me to quit my bad habit of smoking and now I am “smoke free”.  My wife and son are so happy with me and I can feel good and fit again.

I’m so glad I took this chance to work with Sarah and I definitely recommend it!



Sarah, I particularly want to thank you for the work you did with me in respect to my Mum. I have had the most amazing time with her and we are now much closer than we have ever been. So thank you, thank you, thank you my dear.

Sarah is a very professional therapist.  She is compassionate and caring and very gentle but has the ability to observe the problem quickly and help resolve it instantly and effortlessly.  I recently worked with her to resolve a childhood wound and found the experience profound but gentle.  It meant that I did not have to be dragged through a hurtful trauma, on the contrary it was very powerful.

Thank you Sarah for being you!



Sarah and her talents came to me in one of the most stressful times of my life. I had gone through a very emotional and traumatic time in my professional life and it was encompassing everything around me. Sarah asked me if she could perform some Reiki on me in the hope that it would relieve some of the tension and to help refocus my life. I was very skeptical at first, but after one session I could not wait to go back for more. It helped me to calm down and refocus my life. It was like a realignment happened and after three sessions I felt extreme relief and was ready to pick myself up and get on with the next challenge.

I am happy to say I have now found an awesome job and have learnt how to balance my life a lot more thanks to the help of Sarah and her talents. I would thoroughly recommend Sarah and her Reiki talents to anyone that needs a refocus in their life.



Sarah’s teachings have really started making changes in my life. Some of them subtle, a few big. It has made me so much more aware of myself and what I’m doing, which of course is the first step. Since undertaking NLP work with Sarah, I find my internal dialogues have changed, are more positive and less critical. I am changing my habits and beliefs, reinforcing the ones that bring success and creating new ones to replace the ones that generate conflict. With Sarah’s guidance, NLP has helped me to feel more relaxed, more at peace with myself, my relationships and the world. One of the greatest lessons for me has been learning to build a better relationship with my unconscious self. 

Sarah also introduced me to Tapping. I really appreciated the guided tapping sessions that Sarah was able to offer.  Tapping has allowed me to experience immediate benefits and Sarah taught me how to do the practice on my own to clear problems and issues as they arise. 

Sarah was also able to offer Reiki when I was experiencing pain from a long standing injury.  I have found Reiki to be a powerful form of healing and it significantly helped to reduce my symptoms.

Sarah offers a holistic therapy approach due to her wide scope of skills and experience.  Sarah’s approach is warm and heartfelt and I can’t think of a better way to learn how to cultivate well-being. I am very thankful for what Sarah has taught me in such a short time.



Sarah has given me several Reiki Treatments over the past few months. These sessions have had a Profound effect on me, both Physically & Emotionally. I had suffered with lower back pain for many months. These treatments have been very effective in relieving the constant pain.

On an emotional level it has helped unblock some ingrained thinking & has opened up new directions in my thoughts. This has enabled me to live my daily life in a more positive, lighter, brighter & much more assertive manner.

I can Highly recommend Sarah’s treatment & am more than happy to discuss
this further.



I have known Sarah for 10 years and seen her grow and blossom into her passion and I believe ancient skill! “She’s got what it takes”, and her magic cosy lodge in the garden lets you relax and travel… Thank you for what you have brought to and out of me with your energetic touch, listening and talking, empowerment and guidance in a gentle, intriguing and balanced way. Blessings of high vibes!



A ski accident earlier in the day left me with pain in my neck and a pounding head.  I had been taking painkillers regularly throughout the day prior to seeing Sarah the same evening for a reiki session.  Remarkably once the reiki was finished I was no longer experiencing any pain in my neck and my headache was completely gone -I was left feeling 100%!  Sarah knew just where to put her hands without any input from me. This was my first experience with reiki and I am astounded by the results.



I was struggling to meet the demands of my personal and professional life. I was drained, trying to spin lots of plates and spending lots of energy on unnecessary tasks in order to seek satisfaction. I had a couple of physical fixations that I spent energy thinking about, putting myself and my body down, wishing I could change my physical appearance in order to be happy.

 I have become much more accepting of myself, my life and where I am in the present moment. I am adapting to a new mindset of self acceptance and love, rather than seeking acceptance from others. I feel much more content, liberated, empowered and free! I am so grateful for Sarah’s intuitive nature and methods she helped me on a number of levels. I didn’t feel I needed to justify myself to her and her approach was totally natural and individual to my needs. The sessions have had a life altering and profound effect on my life.