New Clients

To My New Clients31crop web

Hello! Welcome! It’s good that you are here and already taking ownership of your total health.
If you are ready:

  • for a new way forward that puts the power back with you;
  • to clear and learn from your blocks whether physical, emotional or mental (it’s all interconnected);
  • to let go of what stops you from living your life as you yearn to
  • to open yourself up to grow in whatever form it takes for you personally‚Ķ..
    ….then you have come to the right place.

Perhaps you are experiencing:

  • Recurring illness, physical niggles, injuries….
  • Mental/emotional exhaustion, depression, migraines, negative thinking….
  • Self sabotaging patterns, habits…..smoking, drinking, under or overeating, relationship drama, career disappointmentsThe list goes on and on….bottom line… want to get to the Source of the issue.……….It doesn’t have to be big stuff, even a simple cold has a mental/emotional source…..usually being overwhelmed causing your body to force you to slow down.

So much of what we put up with, resign ourselves to, give up on ever being able to change ……..we can heal in ourselves if we are willing. Using the mantra I used myself for the first few years…………..“Bring it on!!!!”

Below is a short video which introduces you to Tapping and what to expect. It would be ideal to watch this in preparation for your first tapping session.