A ‘whole person’ Approach

Taking the natural, holistic route to healing represents a departure from the ‘quick fix’, ‘immediate pain relief’ and ‘symptom focused’ mentality. So much is going on beyond the physical level. Research shows that 90+% of our physical issue’s have a mental/emotional basis:

“Our thoughts, perceptions, beliefs govern our chemical

and genetic reality” (Cell Biologist Bruce Lip31crop webton, Author ‘Biology of Belief”)

We miss a big part of the picture, and likely the source of the problem, if we only focus on the physical level and we miss the opportunity to heal holistically and gain the learning that was contained within it.

We are each ultimately ‘response-able’ for our own health and healing. We each have our own unique journey and only you can do your work to overcome your challenges, it is yours to do. If you are willing to do the work you will see the results you seek and I am honored to be a part of your journey, bringing my strengths to the partnership.

If you are ready:

  • for a new way forward that puts the power back with you;
  • to clear and learn from your blocks whether physical, mental or emotional (it’s all interconnected);
  • to let go of what holds you back from experiencing life as you yearn to
  • to open yourself up to grow in whatever form it takes for you personally…..
    ….then you have come to the right place.

Perhaps you are experiencing:

  • mental/emotional turmoil, negative thinking, worrying thoughts, low mood
  • being repeatedly emotionally triggered,
  • trapped in self sabotaging patterns…habits, phobia’s
  • physical aches, pains, recurring illness, ongoing health problems, injuries….

The list is endless but the bottom line is…..you want to get to the Source of the issue. So much of what we put up with, resign ourselves to, give up on ever being able to change……..we can heal and move beyond. We each hold the answers to our challenges within and it’s never too late to grow, learn and heal.

  • Working through your challenges is like putting a jigsaw puzzle of yourself together, learning more about yourself as you go.
  • As you release what doesn’t serve you, you create space for what does
  • Challenges, pain or discomfort on any level is our body and soul communicating to us that there is imbalance that requires our attention
  • Imbalances manifest last at the physical level. If we only address the symptoms it will likely keep showing itself more persistently overtime.

Using the mantra I used myself as I worked though my decades long severe insomnia …………..“Bring it on!!!!”

The key benefits of working this way:

  • Improve your health holistically on all levels of your Being
  • Replace negative thinking, beliefs and patterns with positive self supporting one’s
  • Neutralise negative, perhaps traumatic, memories and experiences
  • Release negative emotional baggage
  • Reduce/Clear pain, discomfort, dysfunction, illness
  • Self discovery and Personal growth
  • Empower yourself, become your own ‘Expert’